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The webstructure.xml API retrieves the locally known web links structure of a specified resource ("about" parameter supplied) or the whole computed links structure since install (no parameter supplied) or since last start or last call ("latest" parameter supplied).

Remarks :

  • Information detail is limited by some hard-coded constants : WebStructureGraph.maxhosts, WebStructureGraph.maxref and WebStructureGraph.MAX_PARSED_ANCHORS
  • Requesting client must be authenticated (as admin or requesting from localhost enabled) otherwise results will be empty

Properties in the http post-arguments

Calls to the servlet can be made using HTTP GET or POST operation. The supported parameter keys are:

  • about : get only links structure about the resource specified as value. Supported values : host hash, URL hash, host name or URL
  • latest (ignored when about parameter is valued): get the structure that have been computed during the current run-time of YaCy, and with each next call only an update to the next list of references.
  • agentName : name of the user agent string used to load the "about" resource
  • documentStructure : set to false when you only want the hosts accumulated references for the "about" resource


The returned xml document contains the following information :

  • in all cases :
    • accumulated list of outgoing links to other domains (per host accumulated anchors)</li>
  • when "about" parameter is filled :
    • accumulated list of incoming links from other domains (per host accumulated references)</li>
    • detailed list of outgoing links (anchors) from document at "about" URL to references</li>
    • detailed list of incoming links (citations) from other documents (their references) - reverse link structure</li>

Example usages

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